The Dance Card

A high school girl, MILLIE, can't wait for prom but feels out of
step with the times until a boy turns back the clock 100 years
and makes prom a DANCE CARD theme.


“Cinderella was based on

   dance cards,” Grandpa says.


MILLIE, 17, is in love with 2 things:

            - BIG BAND MUSIC from Grandpa’s era.

            - ADAM TYRE, 17, star player on the basketball team.


Not helping, Millie is 30 pounds overweight, uses “Grandpa words,” and wears a crocheted vest.


Millie is straight-A’s smart. Plus manipulative. She’s positioned herself as the team statistician so she can see Adam bench-close. And she’s president of Student Council thus head of the Prom Committee.


NICK, 18, moves to town on the same street as Grandma. His ROCK MUSIC and rebel style doesn’t fit Millie’s goals. Saint or sinner, Nick knows Millie’s true heart.



Stoic two-story: Amish furniture, wide Credenza Victrola, about 50 Catholic saint statues strewn the lawn.


Pressure mounts on Millie from:

1) being out voted on prom committee,

2) a dysfunctional MOM,

3) and making it into the State Championship.



“Eagles Never Tyre, Going to Final in Hershey, PA.”


That’s the only reason Millie even agreed to hop trains with Nick that first night his family moved in.



                                    I was depressed the first time.

                                    Concupiscent the second. Playoffs

                                    made me stressed.


Playoff game, practice, Adam. Millie has to stay focused. Strategically, she switches Adam on positions to give the team a better chance of winning. It doesn’t work. However, after the game, university SCOUTS hand Adam their business cards with “call me first” notations.


The ride home on the train is bittersweet. Adam lost the game but has a new tutor for Algebra I, Millie!


GRANDPA’S PORCH is like Chapel time to Millie and her friends (ie. Savoy, Paige, and cheerleader Zoey). Nick welcomes himself into the group with his GUITAR. The word “courting” leads Millie inside to get Grandma’s DANCE CARD.



Nick CLICKS through a website with the history of “BALLSPENDEN 1775 circa.” A king and queen host a dance in hopes of finding a wife for their overweight, grotesque looking nephew – “Earl of Budapest.”

Back to Millie and Adam’s courtship. Algebra I sessions turn into make-out sessions:

1) awkward first kiss,

2) hickeys,

3) PDA, and

4) prom night plans.

Yes, Millie has a date for prom… until she CATCHES ADAM HOPPING TRAINS WITH A CHEERLEADER! Adam scolds Millie beside the railroad tracks.



                                    Damn it all, Millie! You can’t

                                    get me a scholarship! All those

                                    scouts wrote back, and rejected




                                    Once they got your transcripts!

                                    I told you your grades suck!



Millie sulks in “Funyuns” and “Anthon Berg” liqueur chocolates.


Adam moves on fast. A Community College in eastern Pennsylvania FAXES Coach an offer for Adam to try out during “Captain Games.”


Savoy (rich and fashion-trendy) convinces Millie to check it out.



                                    A second chance, Millie? You’re

                                    the one who said he needs to go

                                    to college or he’ll become a

                                    total loser in the world.


Two days on CAMPUS sparks excitement. Millie helps Adam win the full scholarship; and Adam kisses Millie in the DORM ROOM.


Back home, Nick saintly fixes Grandma’s Victrola yet goes on the GLASS CABOOSE with Paige and Zoey. Drinking plus two girls equals “malefactor.”


Next, prom. Millie and Adam’s date starts in a DINING CAR just like on the “Orient Express” with stewards appropriately dressed. Adam gives Millie his high school ring.


EERIE BANG, TWISTING METAL from outside. A rail has collapsed toppling a Hopper. A man is pinned underneath. Everyone goes to help.


Millie figures out a “fulcrum” system using Gondola cars to save the man. No time for hero-worship. Prom has started and their clothes are a muddy mess. They change into crew overalls and flannel shirts and leave for prom.


When Millie and Adam arrive at the GYMNASIUM, orchestra MUSIC plays Zepplin, Beatles, and Marley.


Nick has changed all of prom to a 1920’s DANCE CARD THEME, including a 60 piece orchestra. Students and faculty have a great time. Finally, Nick sings a Rock ballad to Millie.



                                    Jump! Gonna’ get outta’ here/

                                    take flight, gonna’ fight,

                                    see the world/


When the song ends, Nick sees Millie exit the GYM with Adam. Nothing to do but work graveyard on the rail.



Adam outpaces Millie in undress. Adam is glad he is not “going to your Grandpa’s porch.”


Millie recoils with a “pang.”



                                    You’re never been on Grandpa’s







                                    Every friend I ever had has

                                    been on Grandpa’s porch.


Nick’s song “Jump!” resonates in Millie’s head. She leaves to search for Nick.


Millie hops trains all night to finally find Nick asleep inside a CREW CAR. She has found her true love.


Eight years later Millie and Nick live happily ever after in Grandpa’s house. And, Millie uses her math whiz as the Defense Analyst for the Pittsburg Steelers.


                                                   THE END